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 capturing intimate connection

i’m katie/kt — intimate wedding + elopement photog based in good ole alabama.  your favorite third wheel. the finger behind da trigger. your best hype girl!!
to love & to create.
the 2 things that make my job so important. we were created to create + to love and be loved. capturing and creating something that you love out of your raw & intimate moments is my freakin jam!!!!

hello love,

heck yes i travel!!!
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client love

"My husband and I just had our second shoot with Katie and all I can say is WOW. She’s not just a photographer. Photographers take pictures of things people want to remember. Katie literally creates memories and then photographs them in the most beautiful and timeless way. When I think back on both of my sessions with her, I think about how much we all laughed and how natural and comfortable I felt— like I was just living out the best version of my life, totally forgetting there was camera capturing every emotion flowing through me. There’s no stiff posing or awkward smiles. There’s just— US. She sees us. The way I see us. The way I always always want to remember us. Shooting with Katie is an absolute pleasure and I look forward to working with her many times over to capture these moments that I never want to forget."
- stacy creech

"I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life! Katie was so sweet to allow us to include our daughter in our engagement session and got some amazing photos!! My fiancé and I have never done professional photos together and Katie made us feel so comfortable and even tried a few new poses with us! She is super fun and has an amazing talent! This is definitely one thing I do not have to worry about during the wedding planning process because I know I’m going to get amazing work! I can not wait until my wedding day with her!"
- jordan Puhnaty

client love

"i absolutely LOVE shooting with you Katie. You make me feel so comfortable and beautiful. Everyone always asks me who takes all my pictures because they love them!! You have an eye for gorgeous pictures and the sweetest personality too. 100% my favorite photographer ever."
- aubrey carter

client love

"Katie is one of the funnest photographers we’ve worked with!! We’ve only done two sessions with her but feel like we’ve known her for longer! She truly treats you like her best friend and makes sure to hype you and your boo up to get those extra cute shots! She is such a blast and we love working with her!!! Katie, you are a queen! Keep being you💗💗 #bossbabepresident."
- soha moosani

client love

"i absolutely would recommend K&G Photography to anyone. i’ve been friends with Katie ever since our very first shoot back when she first started. she made me feel beautiful and comfortable and not to mention hyped me up the whole time. we ended up getting coffee after and have been good friends ever since. Katie and Gracen are the type of people who genuinely care about their clients! (also the pictures are absolute BOMB) 😫 GO BOOK A SHOOT!!! 🤍🤍🤍"
- caroline king

client love