more ab me + my brand

our az elopement 

absolutely NOTHING.

college dropout

heyoo!! my name is katie hall but you can call me kt.

lover of  Jesus & all things vintage + romance.
when i was 14 i was gifted my first camera and fell in love from the start. i was always that one girl who brought her camera everywhere and documented her whole life, haha.
i was told my hobby could never be my career and went to UAB for one semester and sister said ... this ain't for me.
struggling through a pandemic and wondering what career path i was going to choose next was terrifying.

my sweet hubby decided to let me have a shot at my dream while he worked his butt off to keep us afloat.
and here we are... i started my full time photography career in may 2020 and it has blown way past any expectation i had.
god is so good. 


i am still so emotional about our branding. it is so true to who i am and means so much to me.
butterflies represent spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope, and life. 

that is what the entire first year ( may 2020) of my business was for me. 
that year I :  went all in with God, married my soulmate in the middle of the desert, and started this amazing business.
all the thanks be to God and the angel he sent me, grae.
where the "G" comes from in KG photography llc or katie "gracen".

he is the reason i get to do what i love everyday. he will forever be the most important part of my business and brand.
the only person that believed in me & lifted me all the way to the top.